The .RHBrc resources file is used to configure RHB options at startup. These options are divided in many sections described below :

General options

  • ConfigFile

    Name of your facqConf file

    Define the RHB file used to load and save all the parameters and histograms.
    : MyDeclarationsFile.facqConf
  • SaveHistos

    true or false

    All your histograms will be saved automatically (or not) when closing RHB.
    : true

Input Data reading (From network)

  • DataReader:


    Define the source of your input data.
  • FFasterDataReader.ParamDescFile:Define the RHB file used to load the FASTER raw parameters.
  • Device:


    Define the type of the device.
  • FIPDevice.Protocol:

    Always UDP

    The Protocol between FASTER an RHB is UDP.
  • FIPDevice.Server:

    localhost or (for example)

    Define the IP address of the FASTER computer.
  • FIPDevice.Port:

    Always 6666

    Define the listenning port.

Root Histogram Viewer options (for RHB -r only)

  • RHV.WithEditorEditor booklet wil be availaible on the RHV graphical user interface.
    : true
  • RHV.WithOscillogramsOSC booklet will be availiable on the RHV graphical user interface.
    : true
  • RHV.ConfigFileDefine the RHB file used to load and save RHV environment.
    : MyRHVConfigFile.rhvConf

More options (not neccessary with FASTER) can be used and are described in this document.