RHB (ROOT Histogram Builder) is based on the ROOT framework from CERN. Its purpose is to simply declare and fill histograms, without writing any line of source code. Histograms declarations are thus performed using a graphical interface (RHB GUI). The software packages (RHB Core) is in charge of updating declared parameters and filling histograms built by the user.

RHB can work off-line from data files, or on-line directly from DAQ systems such as DAS (GANIL/LPC), FASTER (LPC) or GANDALF (LPSC). The user has to configure a Data Reader (data format) and a Device (data source) declared in a resources file (.RHBrc).

RHB is not a part of FASTER, FASTER is an acquisition and control (in the future) system, while RHB is an histogram builder. You can use independantly RHB and FASTER. As the communication between them is done over an Ethernet network, FASTER and RHB can be used on the same computer or on 2 different computers.

If you want more information about RHB, download RHBShortUserGuide.pdf and RHBQuickStartGuide_en.pdf files here.

If you want a fast overview of RHB, watch this video.