FASTER hardware is divided in two parts.

  • The mother boards : There are two motherboards available. You can use FASTER on a microTCA crate (syroco_amc_c5), or directly on a table (syroco_c5). The functions of the mother boards are to provide :
      • VITA-57 slot(s),
      • FPGA (s),
      • a master clock,
      • a T0 signal,
      • network connection(s).
  • The daughter boards : The function of the daughter boards is to provide a interface between the detector and the FPGA. Currently, four daughter boards have been developed.
      • CARAS provides users a dual channel 12-bits up to 500 Msps ADC capability, ideally suited for time of flight, charge, RF and energy measurement.
      • MOSAHR provides users a four channel 14-bits up to 125 Msps ADC capability, ideally suited for high resolution energy measurement.
      • CARAMEL provides 32 low input current integrator channels for ionization chamber or photodiode detectors
      • HV board is capable of supplying stabilized high voltage from ±500 V to ±6 kV (4W).  
  • A new daughter-board is under development with a dual channel 16 bits up to 500 Msps ADC device.