In this section you will find typical use case in nuclear physic research using the FASTER system. Each use-case is divided in four parts:

  • The device and its electronic,
  • Data acquisition,
  • Data analysis,
  • Conclusion.

For the moment, six FASTER use-cases are published.

  • Time of flight and position measurement using a micro-channel plate with resistive position readout,
  • Charged particles identification using a "telescope" detector,
  • Neutron energy measurement & n/γ discrimination using a liquid scintillator,
  • Charged particles beam intensity monitoring,
  • High resolution gamma spectroscopy,
  • Micro channel plate localisation with delay line readout,
  • Virtual nuclear physics experiment (Coming soon).

If you use or have used FASTER and you want to write your own FASTER use-case, donwload this file.