FASTER modules are developed with :

  • VHDL for hardware modules. VHDL (Very-high-speed integrated circuits Hardware Description Language) is used to program the FPGA in the FASTER hardware nodes.
  • Ada for software nodes. Ada in an advanced, modern programming language, designed and standardized to support widely recognized sotfware engineering principles :
      • reliability,
      • portability,
      • modularity,
      • re-usability.
  • Python for describing nodes interconnections and building graphical user interfaces. Python's flexibility allows quickly describing and building FASTER acquisition trees by interconnecting hardware and software nodes.

A C/C++ library is available for reading data (stored by FASTER) during offline analysis. If you use Ubuntu 12.04, there is a package (fasterac package). Otherwise, if you want to analyze your data on another operating system, you can download the sources of this library (here).