The best way to start from scratch with RHB is to install our RHB demonstration packages. All the packages have their own data file and you will be able to display some real spectrum like time of flight, neutron/gamma discrimination or spectroscopy spectrum.

Packages installation

  • sudo apt-get install faster-rhb-demo-qdc (Charge, Time of flight, Neutron/Gamma discrimination, Oscillogram spectra examples)
  • sudo apt-get install faster-rhb-demo-adc (Spectrocopy, Oscillogram spectra examples) 
  • sudo apt-get install faster-rhb-demo-dlmcp (Multi channel plate spectra example) 

Files installation

  • faster_rhb_demo_qdc_copy or faster_rhb_demo_adc_copy or faster_rhb_demo_dlmcp_copy-> copy all the files in your current folder.

How to test  ? 

Go the folder you want to test (Time of Flight for example)

  • go to YOUR_FOLDER/QDC_RHB_Demo/evoluted/tof folder
  • run ./ file

Here is the video of a RHB qdc example.